Our Products

Structural Glazing

We design and manufacture a wide range of structural glazings that are used in corporate and commercial building construction industry. They are durable and easy to maintain and provide safety from air and water infiltration. They are used in high rise buildings to ensure stability and can be customized as per the specifications of our clients. They are widely used for window frames for buildings, shops, stadiums, complexes etc.

Curtain Wall Glazing

We fabricate the curtain wall glazing as per clients and expertise instructions. You will be able to achieve complete flexibility with the horizontal sliding, whether it is for shop front, business entrance or partitions. Such glazing endows with a range of exterior appearances, and on the other hand is characterized by closely spaced vertical and horizontal caps with glass or metal infill panels. A finished exterior appearance and sometime a semi-finished interior might be availed with the help of such systems.

Aluminium Composite Panel Gladding

We offer aluminum composite panel cladding that is largely used in offices, factories, shopping malls, hospitals etc. High quality aluminium is used in making of such panels, which we obtain them from Alucobond, Aludecor, Alomax and other branded organizations. As per the demands of our clients, we also fabricate ACP cladding and comprise a sort of specialization in offering best services to our clients.

Frameless Glass Doors

We offer frameless doors made of thick and high quality thin glass which are available in different sizes and shapes. We can fabricate these doors as per clients´┐Ż requirement. They are highly durable and very popular in commercial buildings, super stores, hospitals, residential places, offices etc.

Frameless Glass Partition

Frameless glass partitions are a superb way to produce privacy or divide rooms without closing an area. We fabricate the frameless glass partitions by using clear glass, which is very popular with residential and commercial clients. Along with it, we also offer glass partitions for every application imaginable.

Shower Cubicles

Our range of Shower Cubicles comes in every combination that can be imaginable, from self-contained cabinets to screen panels for bays, building into a corner or against a flat wall. A wide range of sliding and bi-fold doors are available can be easily fitted to all the various shaped shower accessories. Durable materials are used to manufacture these shower cubicles like glass, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, brass etc. Shower cubicles represent a complete shower package that offer exceptional value for money.

Aluminum Doors

We offer aluminium doors that are very durable and reliable. Our aluminium doors show better efficiency and demand less maintenance. Moreover, these aluminium doors are rust proof, with corrosion resistant options and can be availed in reasonable prices.

Aluminum Window

We make aluminium window by using high quality aluminium. Aluminium windows offered by us are available in various shapes, sizes, designs and colours. They are durable and require less maintenance and care. These windows are rust proof and designed as per the specification given to suit your offices, homes, stores, etc.

Aluminum Partition

Aluminium partitions are being manufactured by us in a fine way. Such products are used in offices to divide the cabins of employees. We manufacture these partitions as per clients' requirements, and often use good quality of aluminium, glass and other products in making aluminium partitions.

Sound Proof Window

We manufacture soundproof windows to be used in various organizations. We design such sound proof window after getting clients specifications. They are easy to install and better for noise control, better insulation, no mess or construction required.

Spider Glazing

We are specialized in fabricating spider glazing, and such products are made of high quality steels and glass. As soon as we receive the specifications from the clients´┐Ż side, we manufacture the spider glazing from them. Such products are extensively employed in different offices, complexes and malls.

Main Entrance Canopy

We offer the main entrance canopy in a complete range which is made of high quality stainless steel and glass. Such canopy will be easy-to install and maintain, and has been offered in a variety of designs, styles and shapes. In addition to it, main entrance canopy in customized as per the specifications of the clients.

False Ceiling

We offer a wide range of attractive false ceilings that enhances the value of your homes, offices, showrooms and corporate offices etc as per client specification. Our ceilings act as acoustic absorbers and allow planes of artificial light, and are easy to maintain. Our ceilings can make the space look bigger, brighter, and friendlier and express a bold statement.

Toughened Glass

We offer toughened glass that is safe and strength heat resistance. Such glass comprises increased strength compared with normal glass and will shatter into small fragments, rather than sharp shards, when broken. It shows enhanced thermal resistance, and breaks into small cuboid and so causes less injury.

Insulated Glass

We offer insulated glass that takes in two panes of glass separated by a space. This glass allows no movement of outside air into the space as the space itself can be filled with dehydrated air, or with a special gas. Insulated glass can be found in both residential and business construction and it is made almost a must by building codes in many areas as a mandatory energy conservation measure.

Laminated Glass

We also offer laminated glasses which are made of thick and tempered laminate glass layer. These Laminated glasses are used in hospitals, shopping malls and banks etc. Apart from such large uses, they can also be employed in staircases in commercial buildings.

Automatic Glass Doors

Our offering of automatic glass doors unites high opening speed and easy access and offers utmost safety and comfort for the end user. Such doors can be operated from 10 meters away with the help of a wireless remote control. Automatic glass doors might be best bet for high traffic site such as airports, railway stations, public building, shopping malls, hotels and retail shops.

Laminated Glass Flooring

We are known to offer laminated glass flooring which are made of thick and tempered laminate glass layer. Such products are chiefly used in hospitals, shopping malls and banks etc. Apart from such large uses, they can also be employed in staircases in commercial buildings.